How are Bri's trainings different?

A lot of personal development trainings focus heavily on theory. Bri's courses take it to the next level. Because while theory is great, we're more interested to know how it specifically applies to YOUR life. Each module in each course provides you with the theory, but also real world applications for you to go out and use right now. It is highly recommend you fully complete each module before moving on to the next one as the theories and activities build upon each other day by day.

What about results?

As with any training, each participant will experience varying results. These results will be in direct correlation to your level of effort, focus, personal qualities, commitment, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we unfortunately cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure in this training.

Remember that the principles taught in this training are not “one and done” methodologies. To achieve extraordinary results takes time, effort, and dedication. These trainings provide you a great number of resources and exercises to support you in achieving your desired results {and the women who have completed these programs totally agree!}.

What is the time commitment?

Module lengths vary per course - but average between 15 to 30 minutes long. The worksheets and assignments vary as well. Just remember that the more you put into the work, the more you will get out of it. Your results will be directly aligned with the amount of commitment you make to the teachings.

What will I learn?

You will learn the theory behind the coursework, as well as steps you can apply immediately {in real time} to begin to create more of what you desire in the world!

Will you speak with or get direct support from Bri?

The best way to be in direct contact with Bri is by joining thousands of other women in the ‘Manifest with Bri’ Facebook community! Our team is in the group periodically answering questions, hosting live Q&A’s, providing value, and supporting everyone in their pursuits! You can join at:

Can I share the content with my friends?

No. The Bri Seeley trainings include access for one (1) person. Upon registration, you will receive access for one user. If you would like to take this course along with a business partner or friend, you will need to each purchase the course individually.

The content provided in this training is intended for your sole personal, noncommercial use.

Who is right for these trainings?

Bri's trainings are for women who are excited to consciously create a new trajectory for themselves. One that is on their terms and led by their desires.

It’s for committed creators who want concrete tools to shape their futures. Thousands of women have completed these courses from all walks of life and three different continents!

The experience is designed to support you in taking actions to shift your results in real time. More often than not, the women in these trainings don’t need more information. They need actionable ideas about how to move forward into their futures. And to be surrounded by others who believe in them + cheer them on into their desired reality.

Who is not right for this training?

There are three kinds of people in the world. Spectators, Participants, and Creators. These courses are not for Spectators or Participants.

Personal transformation does not work like the osmosis we learned in High School Biology class. Which is why it’s not for Spectators. Spectators are those who seek to experience transformation simply by enrolling and maybe watching one or two modules. Spectators will never finish the course, will never do the homework, and will never apply the concepts.

Personal transformation does not work for the hopeful. Which is why it’s not for the Participants. Participants are those who will watch all the modules, but instead of applying the concepts…. they sit around hoping that the transformation will just happen. Spectators may finish watching the course, and they may do the homework, but they will likely never apply the concepts.

Personal transformation IS for the Creators. Creators are those who not only watch the modules, but take vigorous notes. Creators are those who are inquiring regularly as to how they can apply the teachings to their current life. Creators are the ones who will set aside time everyday to facilitate the transformation they seek. Creators are the ones who see the biggest and best results from this work because they know that lasting transformations are never a byproduct of the “quick fix”. They know it’s about showing up everyday - showing up for the work and showing up for themselves.