The Art of Creation

a foundational course | taught by Bri Seeley

Course description

You are the creator of your life in every moment of every day. The question is.... what are you creating? Do you like what you see around you? Or are there things you'd prefer were different?

'The Art of Creation' is an introductory course that will familiarize you six areas of internal consideration and understanding, in order to then create the life that inspires you - the life that you dream about.

Because creation is an inside-out process.

This course combines the theory of Universal Laws, meditation, and practical application. It will give you understanding and tools to use in ensuring a strong personal foundation upon which to construct your dreams and develop within you the resiliency to weather any storm.

Three years ago, I began The Inspirational Woman Project from a deep knowing the every woman has the capacity to inspire the world. From raising a child, to entering politics, to building a business, to volunteering in the community, to making an impact felt around the world....

We can literally create whatever we desire. And whatever that "thing" is for you, it's inspiring. YOU are inspiring.

But so often we begin to create these external aspects of our life without addressing the state of our internal foundation.

Imagine yourself building a new house on a cracked foundation. Whatever you build on top of it will crumble because the foundation can't support it. Or driving a car with a bad alignment. No matter how hard you turn to the left, it will always pull you to the right.

In order to create a life that inspires yourself or others, you must begin on the inside.

'The Art of Creation' examines six key elements to support you in building an indestructible inner foundation. The kind of foundation that can survive the metaphorical wind, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, and any other kind of chaos the world sends your way. The kind of foundation that will support whatever you choose to build on top of it.

Indestructible. Strong. Solid.

Who is this for?

The Art of Creation is for any woman desiring of change in her life - the kind of change that results in a life that inspires her every single day.

Who is this NOT for?

Women who are content living a life that does not inspire them, who enjoy living a life filled with drama, who are ok allowing external circumstances and situations to continually create chaos in their lives.

"Going through this training was truly transformative. Bri is able to quickly and effectively give you the tools to focus on your dreams, give yourself a break when you need it and to bathe yourself in gratitude and self-love. With these tools, I find myself closer everyday to the woman that I've already been, but needed to reconnect to. After this, I know that absolutely everything is possible and that I'm the right person to get me wherever I want to go. I wish this training was even longer!” - Mi-Ri H. {Event Planner}

"Words cannot describe how beyond grateful I am for Bri Seeley and her amazing coaching! I first started the training in hopes of transforming and to grow my blog, but it in turn spewed into my public relations career and my personal life and even my outlook on life in general. This course forever changed my life, pushed me to be my best, to realize that a 'No' from one person means it is leaving the door open for my 'Big Yes,' that my skills and creativity are more than good enough, and most of all that I create my own possibilities and results! This is a course worth investing in because it not only changes one area in your life for the better, but all areas of your life! Bri Seeley is passionate, amazing, caring, loving, a forever changer and an inspirational woman!” - Kerry M. {Blogger + Public Relations}

 “This training is exactly what I needed at this point in my life. It has been a period of soul searching to find what my purpose is. The training definitely helped me to see where I was suppose to be and do next. I feel more self love and know that it’s in my control - what I want my life to be. Now, I just need to focus on exercises taught in the program and allow things to come to me.” - Stacy R {coach}

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bri uses swear words and expletives in her trainings. If you are offended by the use of these words, this is NOT the training for you.

Bri Seeley
Bri Seeley
Inspirational Woman

Bri Seeley is an inspirational woman who supports women around the world to live their own version of an inspired life. Bri is motivated by a deeply-held belief that every woman is inspirational. She supports women in remembering that we all deserve to live our deepest desires {instead of merely giving in to all the ‘shoulds’ that burden our lives}. Bri teaches Universal Principles to guide women in creating their ideal visions into reality.

A catalyst, speaker, and author, she is a regular contributor for The Huffington Post and is known by many for her tell-it-like-it-is advice that creates massive and epic changes in every woman she encounters.

Bri has been featured on The Today Show, Forbes, Medium, Kickstarter, PBS, Inc., and Free Enterprise.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Bri uses swear words and expletives in her trainings. If you are offended by the use of these words, this is NOT the training for you.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Create space for your desires
Module 2: What if you could experience your future.... now?
Module 3: Don't let your 'Inner Mean Girl' ruin your life
Module 4: Intuition is your superpower
Module 6: The dire necessity of receiving