You’ve heard every entrepreneur rattle on and on about how you can win at business if you just…

  • Work 37 Hours a Day

  • Only Sleep 4 Hours a month

  • Never Take Vacations

  • Wake Up at 3AM

  • Don’t Go Out With Friends

  • Hustle, Hustle, HUSTLE!


Here’s what I have to say about Hustle:

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying don’t do the work. Obviously, you’ll have to apply consistent effort to create any level of high achievement and success for yourself. Here’s what I am saying... What if you didn’t have to do “ALL THE THINGS, ALL THE TIME.” What if you could be wildly successful, and actually get some sleep, design your day to feed your soul, and get the work done at the same time. What if instead of doing 1,826 actions a day, you could do just a few targeted, aligned actions in their place AND create better results?

Contrary to popular belief... It can be this easy. But you’ll still have to do the work.

I know, I can hear you already. You’re looking at me like I have 3 heads. *Stop rolling your eyes.*

The thing is, when you align your actions to your soul, your intuition and to the Universe— you don’t need to f*cking hustle so d*mn much. Because, your success is not *only up to you*. You’re responsible for your part— your work— your aligned action. But the Universe is responsible for hitting the home run for you out of the park—not you. To be honest, if it were only up to you to create your success, you would have to do all the things all the time, and likely never sleep. This is why all the popular entrepreneurs tote this belief. But there is an easier way. One where you work with the laws of the Universe. One where you invite your spirit and soul to co-create your life and success with you.

Let me tell you, this connection is literally the difference between working your f*cking face off 18 hours a day, and taking a few aligned actions.

Want to know what your “work” is? It’s your job to invest in yourself and your soul. That’s the work. Getting to know yourself to a whole new level. In fact, isn’t it time that you finally created a dedicated connection to your spirit?

It’s the difference between a frazzled, burnt out existence, and a graceful one filled with joy and connection. You can’t be burnt out, and fulfilled with divine connection at the same time. They’re opposing. They don’t work together. You can only have one.

Wouldn’t you choose ease and grace?

And if you had to choose…

I hope so! In fact, because you’re reading this page, I know you’re the type of person looking for this connection. Nothing is a coincidence. You’re reading this text for a reason. You’re searching for ease. You want to flow. You want it to be easy. You want to stop thinking it has to be so hard to build a successful, profitable business and life of your dreams. You don’t want to do it all yourself. You really do want to manifest like a pro, and involve the Universe in your business plan. You’ll have to continue to put in the dedicated, aligned, consistent actions every single day. There’s no lack of applied effort.

Difficult. Strenuous. Stressful.

Deep in your heart you know that it doesn't have to be...

Your work can be easy, aligned, filled with grace - but still wildly impactful and successful! I’ll show you how.

In this course, I’ll show you…

When you align your business with your vision, and allow your intuition to lead the way, you can quite literally achieve more, while doing less.

  • How to develop your intuition

  • Easy steps that anyone can take to begin developing a relationship with soul

  • How to know which decisions are best to move forward on for the best results

  • How to quantum leap, reducing the “time gap” in between who you are now, and who you want to become (that badass woman running a successful profitable business)

  • The foundation of what it takes to build a truly successful business without burnout

  • A No B.S. approach with expert insight into bring soul into your business foundation

Course curriculum

When you enroll, you’ll get immediate access to three, high-impact modules.

  • 01

    Module 1: Develop Your Inner Guidance to Lead Your Business from a Place of Grace & Ease

    • {Video} Develop Your Inner Guidance to Lead Your Business from a Place of Grace & Ease

    • Module 1 Resources + Journal Prompts

    • {Meditation} Develop Your Inner Guidance

  • 02

    Module 2: F*ck the Hustle: Infuse Soul into Your Day to Create Your Business from a Place of Aligned Action

    • {Video} F*ck the Hustle: Infuse Soul into Your Day to Create Your Business from a Place of Aligned Action

    • Module 2 Resources + Journal Prompts

    • {Meditation} Inspired Action

  • 03

    Module 3: Quantum Shifting: Change Your Perception & Accelerate Your Results, No Matter Where You Are Now

    • {Video} Quantum Shifting: Change Your Perception & Accelerate Your Results, No Matter Where You Are Now

    • Module 3 Resources + Journal Prompts

    • {Meditation} Future Self: Collapsing Time & Becoming Your Future Reality Now

  • 04

    Module 4: Bringing It All Together with Structure & Flow

    • {Video} Bringing It All Together with Structure & Flow

    • Module 4 Resources and Journal Prompts

  • 05

    Go Deeper: Create & Scale a Profitable Business & Get the Support of a Wildly Successful Community

    • Work with Me: Accountability, Community & Support

    • Learn What It's Like to Work with Me

This course is short but mighty and transformational. The last thing I want to do is add filler videos with fluff to make the course look bigger than it needs to be. This training will get you results, pronto. You’ll begin to create space for your desires, a clean foundation for the mentality you’ll need to succeed in any business, and high-impact manifestation techniques. It even includes a meditation that has helped my past clients shift their perspective, and draw abundance and prosperity into their lives faster than they imagined.

Hi, I'm Bri Seeley!

Meet Google's Top Ranked Entrepreneur Coach

When I began my entrepreneurial journey 14 years ago, I thought that becoming successful meant working more, and working harder. I struggled as a fashion designer with this “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mentality. I had to learn the hard way that more actions did not create more results. In 2015, I was led to close my fashion business and take a new journey as an Entrepreneur Coach. It didn’t take me long in my new business to realize that the quality of actions made a bigger impact than the quantity... which allowed me to create more success in my new business in under a year than I had created in my fashion business over the course of 8 years.

It was easier and quicker to create a multi-six figure business using my vision and intuition, than it was to “struggle my way to success”.

I surprise the naysayers when I say…

Full disclosure: hustle is not your missing ingredient. Want to know what you’re missing? It’s aligning your actions with your vision. When you take time to connect to yourself everyday and allow your actions to build your vision - you will move mountains in your business with a simple step forward. It’s all about your alignment. It’s about seeing your own success and living in that place now. It’s definitely NOT ABOUT STRUGGLE OR HUSTLE.

I’ve successfully used inspired action, and alignment to…

  • Appear on NBC’s The Today Show

  • Create a multi-six figure business (every single year I've been in business!)

  • Write an Amazon best selling book

  • Become the Number One Entrepreneur Coach on Google

  • Relocate to my dream city

  • And more!

The Course Includes…

  • Four High Impact Video Modules (approx. 20 min each)

  • Recommended Reading to Extend the Depth of Your Learning

  • A Transformational Meditation to Bring You into Immediate Alignment

  • Transformational Journal Prompts & Homework for Your Own Self Reflection

The Video Modules...

  • Develop Your Inner Guidance to Lead Your Business from a Place of Grace & Ease

  • F*ck the Hustle: Infuse Soul into Your Day to Create Your Business from a Place of Aligned Action

  • Quantum Shifting: Change Your Perception & Accelerate Your Results, No Matter Where You Are Now

  • Brining it All Together with Structure and Flow

This course is for you if you are...

  • looking to get into business, and build the beginning of the right mental foundation to succeed in having a profitable business that’s perfect for you,

  • already in your first couple years of business, looking to infuse ease and alignment into your work,

  • committed to abandoning the hustle, burnout, and chronic fatigue,

  • intrigued by the idea of taking fewer actions, yet creating more results,

  • searching for a way to make an impact on this world,

  • ready to create a business to support your dreams, and want to build that business on a foundation of grace, ease and alignment - fueled by your one-of-a-kind vision for your future.

Social proof: testimonials

“A good coach could tell you what next step you need to at a logical level. Bri’s coaching goes so much deeper than that. She genuinely creates the environment for success from the inside – out. By investing in this program it forced me to show up more seriously and consistently for my brand new business, exponentially increasing the growth of my business.”


Abby G.

“Bri's perspective on alignment has changed my life. I wouldn’t have been as committed to making the changes I needed to make to be happy if it weren’t for her. My business revenue keeps growing every month. The last several consecutive months I’ve said “This was my biggest month ever.” And the business success just keeps coming. I'm so grateful for Bri's help and guidance.”

Tarot Reader + Mala Maker

Ivy A.

“I have been trying to find my groove since quitting my job last month and this is what I needed. I feel more clear headed, more confident and more powerful. I have less fear of taking bold actions and going after what I want and deserve. It has helped me realize that I can get what I want and will get it if I continue to make all that I learned, felt and practiced, a daily part of my life.”

Vintage Reseller

Betty B.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is included with this course?

    When you enroll, you’ll receive access to: 4 high impact training videos (20-35 min each), Accompanying homework (thought provoking journal prompts for self reflection), Recommended reading, Future Self Transformational Meditation, and more!

  • When will I receive access to the course materials?

    Upon enrolling, you’ll receive immediate access to the course and all the videos/materials to watch on your time.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Your enrollment includes lifetime access to “F*ck the Hustle”.

  • Do you accept refunds?

    Refunds are not available for 'F*ck the Hustle'.